If you have received a Damaged Package

We apologise for this. We aim to get our products to you in the best condition possible. So, what can you do? If you wish for a replacement or a refund YOU MUST raise a dispute with your mail company and ask for a refund. Before we ship out any replacement or issue any refund, we will need proof of the damage as well as proof from your mail company of your dispute once it's ended. If they refund you the value of your damaged product, you can then reorder with the money that they issue you for the damage. We will not send any replacements otherwise. Same with the refund, the money you receive from your mail provider for the damage, should be the cost of the product and the postage.

We do this to prevent fraud and customers getting an extra free product and causing us to be out of pocket. So we will require proof of the damage and the end result of your claim with your mail provider. We will prosecute anyone who tries to defraud us by trying to getting free products by placing a false claim of damage.

I don't like the quality

All of out products are made with the highest quality materials, we pride ourselves on this. We will not refund you if you don't like the quality. If you raise a dispute with Paypal or your bank, they will also be told that we don't offer refunds just because you don't like the product. Prints and Clothing are usually one off prints and cost us a lot of money to create. We must think of our business and we will not lose profits because of your dislike.

My package is late, delayed or has not been received

Depending on where you live in the world, we suggest a period of 2 months before asking us for a replacement. We will not offer refunds for products you have not received. Again, this is due to fraud and we will require proof. If your item has a tracking number (selected at checkout) then we can use this to see what happened and we can then contact the mail company. You may have to raise a dispute with them to get a refund. This will be used to send your replacement. If you don't have a tracking number, then there's not much that we can do and we will not issue a replacement or a refund.

Signed / Autographed Items

Some of our products may require signing. If this is needed, Items are sent to print and then back to us. We then get them signed by the designer and or Author/Actor/Director/Person and returned back to us, then we will ship them out. This will cause a delay, so please be aware of this and be patient. Depending on how many need to be signed, they could be a while as the person signing it will probably be very busy and will be signing in their free time.

Any other problems, please raise a ticket.